Phonetics, Phonology, and Morphology

Gašper Beguš

Assistant Professor of Linguistics

PhD, Harvard

Phonology, phonetics, computational linguistics, historical linguistics, Indo-European

Anna Björklund

PhD student

Phonetics (especially articulatory phonetics), tone, fieldwork, language documentation and revitalization

Maksymilian Dabkowski

PhD student

Phonology and its interfaces, semantics, language documentation, language revitalization, logic, psycholinguistics

Amber Galvano

PhD student
Sociophonetics, phonetics-phonology interface, speech & sexuality, speech perception and production, variation & change, language & positionality, Spanish Linguistics

Emily Grabowski

PhD student

Phonetics, phonology, tone, quantitative methods, language documentation

Larry M. Hyman

Distinguished Professor of the Graduate School; Director, France-Berkeley Fund


Phonological theory, language typology, African languages, especially Bantu and other Niger-Congo

Sharon Inkelas

Professor of Linguistics; Associate Vice Provost for the Faculty and Special Faculty Advisor to the Chancellor on Sexual Violence/Sexual Harassment

PhD, Stanford

Phonology, morphology, and their interface; child phonology

Keith Johnson

Professor of the Graduate School

PhD, Ohio State University

Linguistic phonetics, psycholinguistics, neurophonetics

Darya (Даша) Kavitskaya

Associate Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures and of Linguistics

PhD, UC Berkeley

Slavic, Turkic, Uralic; phonology and phonetics, historical phonology

Raksit Tyler Lau-Preechathammarach

PhD student

Sound change, experimental phonetics, tonogenesis, perception-production link, documentation & revitalization, Austroasiatic languages, Ryukyuan languages