Phonetics, Phonology, and Morphology

The Gettysburg Corpus: Testing the Proposition That All Tense /æ/s Are Created Equal

Isaac L. Bleaman
Daniel Duncan

Corpus studies of regional variation using raw language data from the internet focus predominantly on lexical variables in writing. However, online repositories such as YouTube offer the possibility of investigating regional differences using phonological variables, as well. This article demonstrates the viability of constructing a naturalistic speech corpus for sociophonetic research by analyzing hundreds of recitations of Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. We first replicate a known result of phonetic research, namely, that English vowels are longer in duration before voiced...

Russell presents at RFP2022

May 10, 2022

Katherine Russell will be presenting on "Nasalization in Atchan: Sensitivity to morpheme identity" at the 19th meeting of the Réseau Français de Phonologie - French Phonology Network, which is taking place at the University of Porto, Portugal, June 7-9. A provisional program can be found here.

Berkeley linguists present at 29mfm

May 10, 2022

Congrats to the following Berkeley linguists, who will be presenting at the 29th Manchester Phonology Meeting, taking place online from May 25 to 27. More information is available here.

Maks Dąbkowski: "A Q-Theoretic solution to A'ingae postlabial raising" Julianne Kapner: "Affixal and default fixed segmentism: New categories for fixed elements in reduplication" Katie Russell: "Nasalization in Atchan: Morpheme-specific harmony"

Additionally, Charles Chang (PhD 2010) will be featured as an invited speaker at a special session on "Second Language Phonology and Phonological Theory."

Dąbkowski presents at GLOW 45

April 20, 2022

Congrats to Maksymilian Dąbkowski, who will be giving a talk titled "Two grammars of A’ingae glottalization: A case for Cophonologies by Phase" at the 45th Generative Linguistics in the Old World (GLOW) Colloquium at Queen Mary University of London on 28 April. The program is available here:

Sande speaks at Stanford

April 13, 2022

Hannah Sande will be giving a colloquium talk at Stanford called "Accounting for discontinuous vowel harmony in Guébie" (based on joint work with Emily Clem and Maks Dąbkowski). The talk will take place on April 26 at noon in the Greenberg room on the Stanford campus.

Beguš published in Language

March 23, 2022

An article by Gašper Beguš titled "Distinguishing cognitive from historical influences in phonology" has just been published in Language. Click here to read it. Congratulations, Gašper!

Russell published in Languages

March 15, 2022

Katie Russell's article "Interactions of Nasal Harmony and Word-Internal Language Mixing in Paraguayan Guaraní" was just published in the journal Languages as part of a special issue on "Word Formation and Language Contact: A Formal Perspective." Congratulations, Katie!

Helms published in Isogloss

February 27, 2022

Annie Helms's article "Bay Area Spanish: Regional sound change in contact languages" has been published in Isogloss: Open Journal of Romance Linguistics, as part of the special issue Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 17 with selected papers from the Going Romance conference in 2020. Congratulations, Annie!

Search for a phonetics lecturer

February 23, 2022

The Department of Linguistics at UC Berkeley is seeking a lecturer in Phonetics. The job ad and link to apply are available here: