Minor Program

A minor in Linguistics gives students official recognition for having completed a Linguistics sub-specialization. Students must complete Linguistics 100 with a grade of "C" or better before declaring the minor ( students may not repeat Ling 100 toward the minor). The minor requires four courses beyond Linguistics 100: two from this set of 'core' courses (Ling 110, Ling 111, Ling 115, Ling 120, Ling 130) and two upper-division elective courses (this can consist of additional core courses), at least one of which must be a Linguistics Department course. The other may be from another department if approved by the Linguistics Department as counting towards the minor. List of pre-approved courses in other departments that can count as electives towards the Linguistics Minor.

  • Four of the (five) upper-division courses used to satisfy the minor must be taken at Berkeley (as opposed to at another institution).
  • It is possible for one, but no more than one, upper-division course to count both towards the Linguistics minor AND towards the requirements of the student's major.
  • All courses for the minor must be upper-division courses and taken for a letter grade.
  • Once you’re enrolled in your final required course(s) for all the majors and minors you are completing, submit the Minor Completion form to declare your Minor.