Berkeley linguists @ NWAV 49

October 14, 2021

The following (current and former) Berkeley linguists will be presenting at New Ways of Analyzing Variation (NWAV) 49, hosted by UT Austin and taking place online from October 19 to 24, 2021. Several of the presentations have already been pre-recorded and links are provided below.

  • Isaac L. Bleaman, Katie Cugno, and Annie Helms: "Increased intelligibility (but not formality) in Zoom interviews" [presentation]
  • Irene Yi (BA 2021): "Sometimes I’ll start a sentence in Mandarin 然后用中文完成": Towards Sociolinguistically-Aware Computational Models of Codeswitching Using Classification and Regression Trees (CART)
  • Jennifer Kaplan and Cecelia Cutler: "Attitudinal Effects on Back Vowel Fronting Among Young Adults in New York City" [presentation]
  • Justin Davidson and Mairi McLaughlin: "(Semi-)Spontaneous Translation as Sociolinguistic Production: The Social Underpinnings of Variation in News Translation from English to French" [presentation]
  • Aurora Martinez Kane and Ben Papadopoulos: "Catalana, Cantaora, or Reggaetonera? Rosalía and the Linguistic Performance of Persona" [presentation]
  • Mingzhe Zheng and Jie Liu: "One-ge person or One-wei person: Exploring the use of Mandarin classifier across time"
  • Naomi Lee and Laurel MacKenzie (BA 2006): "The English particle verb alternation shows gradient sensitivity to compositionality" [presentation]
  • Khia Johnson, Rachel Soo, Tayah Lee and Molly Babel (PhD 2009): "Cross-linguistic influence in spontaneous bilingual speech: Examining language dominance and usage patterns on the Cantonese n-l merger in Cantonese-English bilinguals"

Congrats, all!