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September 16, 2016

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Elise Stickles has filed her dissertation:

  • "The interaction of syntax and metaphor in gesture: A corpus-experimental approach"

Congratulations, Elise!

Further awesomeness

Next weekend, three talks at PHREND (Phonology Research Weekend, UC Santa Cruz, Saturday, September 24) are by Berkeley linguists:

  • Sarah Bakst, "Modeling the effect of palate shape on the articulation and acoustics of American /r/"
  • Jonathan Manker, "Predictability and Phonetic Attention: How Context Shapes Exemplars"
  • Hannah Sande, "Scalar tone shift in a constraint-based theory of realizational morphology"

And at the 2016 Annual Meeting on Phonology (at USC, October 21-23), two talks will be from Berkeley:

  • Sharon Inkelas, "Looking inside segments" (invited)
  • Nik Rolle, "Rhythmic repair of morphological accent assigned outside of a metrical window"

Then, at the November-December Acoustical Society of America meeting in Honolulu, four talks are by Berkeley linguists:

  • Sarah Bakst and Keith Johnson, "Modeling the effect of palate shape on the articulatory-acoustics mapping"
  • Matt Faytak, "Articulatory habit versus adaptive flexibility in L2 phone learning"
  • Keith Johnson and Yidan Song, "Gradient phonemic contrast in Nanjing Mandarin"
  • Darya Kavitskaya and Sharon Inkelas, "Cluster duration in a nonword repetition study of Russian-speaking children"

Finally, congratulations to the 18 Berkeley linguists who are giving (or contributing to) 17 different accepted presentations at the 2017 LSA Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas:

  • Kenneth Baclawski Jr., "Clause-final particles and focus in Eastern Cham"
  • Nico Baier, "Towards a Morphological Theory of Anti-Agreement"
  • Emily Clem, "A-bar positions and case: Amahuaca nominative marking as case + focus"
  • Emily Clem and Lev Michael, "Exploring phonological diversity through principal component analysis"
  • Amy Rose Deal and coauthors, "Who has more? The influence of linguistic form on quantity judgments"
  • Matt Faytak, "Measuring changes in articulatory dimensionality in an L2 production task"
  • Jevon Heath, "How automatic is phonetic convergence? Evidence from working memory"
  • Peter Jenks, "Numeral classifiers compete with number marking: Evidence from Dafing (Mande)"
  • Susan LinMeg CychoszAlice Shen and (excellent) coauthor, "Instructional and biofeedback training in L2 contrast learning"
  • Jonathan Manker, "Contextual Predictability and Phonetic Attention"
  • Lev Michael, "From privative derivation to standard negation: Evidence from Arawakan languages"
  • Nik Rolle, "Rhythmic repair of morphological accent assigned outside of a metrical window"
  • Nik RolleFlorian Lionnet, and Matt Faytak, "The areal distribution of ATR and interior vowels in the Macro-Sudan Belt"
  • Ruth Rouvier and coauthors, "Improving language documentation and revitalization through interdisciplinary collaboration"
  • Hannah Sande, "Morphology without morphemes: scalar shifts as an argument in favor of process morphology"
  • Katie Sardinha, "Kwak'wala's empty root ʔəχ- and the semantics of case-marking"
  • Amalia Skilton, "Variation in contrastive voice quality in Cushillococha Ticuna"

By way of information, that's 17 talks with Berkeley authors vs. 16 for UT Austin (where the LSA meeting is happening), 13 each for Stanford and UCLA, 11 each for Chicago, MIT, and Penn, and 10 for UC San Diego. Go Bears.

BLS awesomeness

The Berkeley Linguistics Society has two newly published volumes:

Congratulations to all concerned! Both volumes are beautiful, carefully assembled, and worth reading from (electronic) cover to (electronic) cover.

Website news

To those who do not follow our Facebook group, the editors point out that the Linguistics Department has a brand-new website:

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