Computational and Experimental Methods

Gašper Beguš

Assistant Professor of Linguistics

PhD, Harvard

Phonology, phonetics, computational linguistics, historical linguistics, Indo-European

Maksymilian Dabkowski

PhD Candidate

My research brings grammatical patterns from lesser-studied languages to bear on key questions of linguistic theory. In a lot of my work, I investigate the role of word-internal syntactic structure in the phonology and morphology of agglutinating languages.

My main empirical focus is A'ingae (or Cofán, ISO 639-3: con), an Amazonian isolate spoken by ca. 1,500 Cofán people in northeast Ecuador and southern Colombia.

Noah Hermalin

PhD Candidate

Language and cognition; writing systems and written language

Edwin Ko


Syntax, semantics, morphosyntax, language variation and change, historical and comparative linguistics, language documentation and revitalization, Alaska Native and Native American languages (especially Aleut, Crow, Hidatsa, and Northern Pomo)

Raksit Tyler Lau-Preechathammarach


Sound change, experimental phonetics, tonogenesis, perception-production link, documentation & revitalization, Austroasiatic languages, Ryukyuan languages

Terry Regier

Chair of Linguistics, Professor of Linguistics and Cognitive Science

PhD, UC Berkeley

Language and cognition; semantic variation and universals; computational linguistics

Emily Remirez

PhD Candidate

Sociocultural and interactional linguistics, lab phonetics and phonology (especially speech perception), identity construction