The Berkeley Phonetics and Phonology Forum ("Phorum") is a weekly talk and discussion series featuring presentations on all aspects of phonology and phonetics. 

We meet Mondays 12-1pm in 1303 Dwinelle.

Phorum is organized by Myriam Lapierre and Eric Wilbanks. Our emails are respectively "myriam.lapierre" and "wilbanks_eric"

Spring 2019 - Upcoming Talks

February 11

Georgia Zellou, Michelle Cohn, and Bruno Ferenc Segedin (UC Davis) - Talking Tech: How does voice-AI influence human speech?

It's a new digital era: humans are now interfacing with technology using spoken language. We are regularly talking to voice-activated artificially intelligent (AI) personal assistants, such as Siri and Alexa, that spontaneously and more naturalistically produce interactive speech. Human speech patterns toward these new voice-AI interlocutors serves as a test to our scientific understanding of speech communication, language use, and even linguistic change. In this research program, we explore how interactions with voice-AI can influence human speech patterns, both for a single individual, and the potential that this has to lead to sound change across speech communities.
In this talk we present two case studies of how voice-AI influences human speech patterns. First, we address how human-AI interactions shape speech variation in resolving linguistic misunderstandings. Second, we investigate patterns of phonetic alignment when talking to voice-AI devices and, specifically, how this varies by speaker characteristics, such as age and gender.

February 18

No Meeting

February 25

Jeremy Steffman (UCLA) - TBA

March 4

Meng Yang (UCLA) - TBA

March 11

Ernesto Gutiérrez (UC Berkeley) - TBA

March 18

Kate Lindsey (Stanford) - TBA

March 25

No Meeting

April 1

Rachel Arsenault (UCB) - TBA

April 8

Junko Ito & Armin Mester (UCSC) - TBA

April 15


April 22

Yulia Oganian (UCSF) - TBA

April 29

Daniel Silverman (San Jose State University) - TBA


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