The Berkeley Phonetics and Phonology Forum ("Phorum") is a weekly talk and discussion series featuring presentations on all aspects of phonology and phonetics. 

We meet Mondays 12-1pm in 1229 Dwinelle.

Phorum is organized by Emily Grabowski and Yevgeniy Melguy. Our emails are respectively "emily_grabowski" and "ymelguy"

Fall 2020 - Upcoming Talks

September 9

Santiago Barreda-Castanon (UC Davis) - Speech perception and apparent-speaker characteristics

The perception of speech sounds may be inherently related to the perception of apparent speaker characteristics in a way that facilitates both processes. I will present a general sketch of how the joint consideration of the speaker and the utterance might work, and suggest that this behavior may have an ecological basis. Finally, I will discuss the similarities between vowel normalization and perceptual constancy in the visual domain, and the way that speakers appear to facilitate speech perception by restricting the sorts of variation that they produce.

September 16

Katherine Demuth, (Macquarie University) - Resolving Variation: Listeners, Learners & Grammar

Researchers have long been aware of the 'invariance' problem, where listeners and learners must determine underlying representations from variable surface forms. Some of this variation may be contextually induced, or may be a result of different speakers, different dialects or different speaking conditions. Much of this research has focussed on the level segments/phonemes.  Much less is known about how similar types of variability are dealt with by children in the morphological domain. This talk will explore some of these challenges, reporting on recent findings exploring listeners and learners’ sensitivity to allomorphic variation and more. These results suggest that young learners are highly sensitive to all kinds of variation, rapidly constructing robust linguistic representations despite surface variation.

September 23

Khalil Iskarous (USC) - TBD

October 14

Alice Shen (UC Berkeley) - TBD

October 21

Andrew Cheng (UC Berkeley) - TBD

October 28

Maho Morimoto (UC Santa Cruz) - TBD

November 4

John Harris (UCL) - TBD


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