Contrastive and non-contrastive pre-stopping in Kaytetye


Kaytetye is one of the few Australian languages for which pre-stopping is contrastive for nasals. This paper provides the first quantitative data on the phonetic realization of contrastive pre-stopping for any Australian language. It also provides data on the hitherto unreported non-contrastive pre-stopping of laterals in Kaytetye. The findings demonstrate that contrastive nasal pre-stopping and non-contrastive lateral pre-stopping differ on three parameters: (a) the conditioning on the distribution of plain vs. pre-stopped realizations; (b) the comparative overall durations of pre-stopped realizations compared to plain realizations; and (c) the duration of pre-stopping.

Mark Harvey
Susan Lin
Ben Davies
Katherine Demuth
Publication date: 
April 17, 2015
Publication type: 
Recent Publication
Harvey, Mark, Susan Lin, Myfany Turpin, Benjamin Davies, and Katherine Demuth. 2015. Contrastive and non-contrastive pre-stopping in Kaytetye. Australian Journal of Linguistics, 35:1–19.