A sketch of Muniche segmental and prosodic phonology


This paper presents a description of the segmental and prosodic phonology of Muniche, a critically endangered Peruvian Amazonian isolate. Using data from team-based fieldwork with a group of rememberers of Muniche, this paper describes the segmental inventory, syllable structure, and stress system of the language, plus a number of prosodically motivated epenthetic processes. A historical overview of the language and its contact with neighboring Kawapanan languages is also presented. Finally, the results of this study are compared with Gibson (1996), the sole previous study of Muniche phonology.

Stephanie Farmer
Gregory Finley
Karina Sullón Acosta
Publication date: 
July 1, 2013
Publication type: 
Recent Publication
Michael, L., Farmer, S., Finley, G., Beier, C., & Acosta, K. S. (2013). A sketch of Muniche segmental and prosodic phonology. International journal of American Linguistics, 79(3), 307-347.