People in Language and Cognition

Faculty and Postdoctoral Scholars

Susanne Gahl

Susanne Gahl Professor of Linguistics and Cognitive Science
Office: 1220 Dwinelle Hall
Research and teaching: Psycholinguistics; language production and comprehension; aphasia

Keith Johnson

Keith Johnson at a lecture podium, cropped Professor of Linguistics; Director, PhonLab; Chair, Department of Linguistics
Office: 1222 Dwinelle Hall
Research and teaching: Linguistic phonetics, psycholinguistics, neurophonetics

George Lakoff

George Lakoff Professor Emeritus of Linguistics
Research: Cognitive linguistics, especially the neural theory of thought and language; conceptual systems, conceptual metaphor, grammar and meaning; the application of cognitive and neural linguistics to politics, literature, psychology, philosophy and mathematics

Terry Regier

Terry Regier Professor of Linguistics and Cognitive Science
Email: firstname dot lastname at berkeley dot edu
Office: 1221 Dwinelle Hall
Research and teaching: Language and cognition; semantic variation and universals; computational linguistics

Eve Sweetser

Eve E. Sweetser

Professor of Linguistics; Director, Celtic Studies Program
Office: 1211 Dwinelle Hall
Research and teaching: Semantics, syntax, historical linguistics, Celtic languages, speech act theory, metaphor theory, semantic change, grammaticalization, grammatical meaning, gesture

Graduate students

Maksymilian Dabkowski

Maksymilian Dąbkowski Email:
Research interests: Phonology and its interfaces, semantics, language documentation, language revitalization, logic, psycholinguistics

Karee Garvin

Karee Garvin Email:
Research interests: Phonetics, phonology, phonetics-phonology interface, rhythm, prosody, phonetics-syntax interface, language documentation, African languages, Senufo languages

Dmetri Hayes

Dmetri Hayes Email:
Pronouns: he, him, his
Research interests: Adult second language learning, language revitalization, computational linguistics, psycholinguistics

Noah Hermalin

Noah Hermalin Email:
Research interests: Language and cognition; writing systems and written language

Schuyler Laparle

Schuyler Laparle Email:
Research interests: Syntax and its interfaces, lexical semantics, pragmatics, information structure, metaphor, cognitive linguistics

Samuel Liff

Samuel Liff Email:
Research interests: Computational linguistics, experimental methods, syntax, language attitudes, language varieties of the Jewish diaspora (especially Yiddish)

Emily Remirez

Emily Remirez Email:
Research interests: Sociocultural and interactional linguistics, lab phonetics and phonology (especially speech perception), identity construction

Lupita Vasquez

Lupita Vasquez Email:
Research interests: Phonetics, phonology, bilingualism, psycholinguistics, speech perception and speech production