Berkeley linguists at NWAV 51

September 14, 2023

Congrats to the current and recent Berkeley linguists who will be presenting at New Ways of Analyzing Variation (NWAV) 51, taking place at Queens College, CUNY from October 13 to 15:

  • Julianne Kapner: "Ne-omission in Ivorian French celebrity interviews on YouTube"
  • Chaya R. Nove: "Linguistic innovation or ancestral feature? The case of tsuzamen and tsam in Hasidic Yiddish"
  • Noah Macey, Michael Stern, Sang-Im Lee-Kim, Jason Shaw: "A dynamic neural model of the interaction between social and lexical influences on speech production: the case of retroflex sibilants in Taiwan Mandarin"
  • Cooper Bedin, Lal Zimman, Marina Zhukova: "Operationalizing gender: Methods for statistical modeling of open-response demographic data"
  • Nicole Rosen, Alexandra Pfiffner: "A culture of labour: indexing ‘blue-collar’ through a lower /s/ COG in Manitoba, Canada"
  • Eve Fleisig: "Hedges and apologies in ChatGPT responses to African-American English and Mainstream U.S. English"
  • Baichen DuAlexandra PfiffnerKeith Johnson: "Visible articulatory variation as a cue to sound change: Lip rounding and lip protrusion variability in the Mandarin sibilant merger"
  • Irene Yi, Grace Wong: "Social Perception and Categorization of Southern Mandarin Accents"
  • Grace Wong, Irene Yi: "Social attribute ratings of Mandarin varieties in different countries"
  • Naitian Zhou: "Artificial accents: assessing phonological variation in voice cloning software"
  • Aurora Martinez Kane: "Social perceptions of Traditional New Mexican Spanish paragoge across communities"
  • Dakota Robinson: "Sociophonetic variation in Breton: Analyzing the effects of social factors, language contact, and speaker attitudes"
  • Anton de la Fuente, Julia Peck: "Variable enregisterment and variable stigma: Shifting indexes of locality in Galician"
  • Riley VanMeter: "Quantifying grammaticalization via translation: The position of Lo Cunto de li Cunti’s Neapolitan on the Romance grammaticalization cline"