Generalized Clausal Modifiers in Thai Noun Phrases


The Thai particle thîi introduces relative clauses and noun-complement clauses but does not introduce clausal complements of verbs. This paper provides a unified analysis for these two noun phrase-internal clauses as modifiers, proposing that thîi is a complementizer that is interpreted as a lambda-operator that derives CP-sized properties. This analysis is extended to the use of thîi in factive complements of verbs, contrastive clefts, and infinitives. Arguments are presented against the analysis of thîi by den Dikken & Singhapreecha (2004) as a linker, a reflex of DP-internal predicate inversion.

Peter Jenks
Publication date: 
November 11, 2014
Publication type: 
Recent Publication
Jenks, Peter. 2014. Generalized Clausal Modifiers in Thai Noun Phrases. Syntax 17: 299–342. doi:10.1111/synt.12022