Title Author Year Publication type
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The Aerodynamic Voicing Constraint and its Phonological Implications John J. Ohala 2018 Recent Publication
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Efficient compression in color naming and its evolution Noga Zaslavsky; Charles Kemp; Terry Regier; Naftali Tishby 2018 Recent Publication
Color naming reflects both perceptual structure and communicative need Noga Zaslavsky; Charles Kemp; Naftali Tishby; Terry Regier 2018 Recent Publication
Case and agreement in Panará Bernat Bardagil-Mas 2018 Recent Publication
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Articulatory uniformity through articulatory reuse: insights from an ultrasound study of Sūzhōu Chinese Matthew D. Faytak 2018 Dissertation
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Anti-Agreement Nicholas B. Baier 2018 Dissertation
Grammatical tone: Typology and theory Nicholas R. Rolle 2018 Dissertation
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Modeling the effect of palate shape on the articulatory-acoustics mapping Sarah Bakst; Keith Johnson 2018 Recent Publication
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Articulated Definiteness without Articles Peter Jenks 2018 Recent Publication
Encoding of Articulatory Kinematic Trajectories in Human Speech Sensorimotor Cortex Josh Chartier; Gopala K. Anumanchipalli; Keith Johnson; Edward F. Chang 2018 Recent Publication
The California Vowel Shift in the Performance of an Asian American Identity Beth Martyn 2018 Honors Theses
Irony & Viewpoint in Flannery O’Connor Justin Knight 2018 Honors Theses
Effect of Speaker on the Nonword Repetition Task in Monolingual and Bilingual Children and Adults Claudia C. Valdivia 2018 Honors Theses
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