The Interplay of Morphology and Phonology


This book presents a phenomenon-oriented survey of the interaction between phonology and morphology. It examines the ways in which morphology, i.e. word formation, demonstrates sensitivity to phonological information and how phonological patterns can be sensitive to morphology. Chapters focus on morphologically conditioned phonology, process morphology, prosodic templates, reduplication, infixation, phonology-morphology interleaving effects, prosodic-morphological mismatches, ineffability, and other cases of phonology-morphology interaction. The overview discusses the relevance of a variety of phenomena for theoretical issues in the field. These include the debate over item-based vs. realizational approaches to morphology; the question of whether cyclic effects can be subsumed under paradigmatic effects; whether reduplication is phonological copying or morphological doubling; whether infixation and suppletive allomorphy are phonologically optimizing, and more. The book is intended to be used in graduate or advanced undergraduate courses or as a reference for those pursuing individual topics in the phonology-morphology interface.

Sharon Inkelas
Publication date: 
December 30, 2014
Publication type: 
Recent Publication
Inkelas, Sharon. 2014. The Interplay of Morphology and Phonology. Oxford Surveys in Syntax and Morphology 8. Oxford: Oxford University Press.