Title Author Year Publication type
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Online dictionaries for language revitalization Andrew Garrett 2018 Recent Publication
Cat Wrangler: An Epistolary Memoir Andrew Garrett 2018 Recent Publication
Articulatory uniformity through articulatory reuse: insights from an ultrasound study of Sūzhōu Chinese Matthew D. Faytak 2018 Dissertation
The Historical Origin of Consonant Mutation in the Atlantic Languages John T. M. Merrill 2018 Dissertation
Anti-Agreement Nicholas B. Baier 2018 Dissertation
Grammatical tone: Typology and theory Nicholas R. Rolle 2018 Dissertation
The California Vowel Shift in the Performance of an Asian American Identity Beth Martyn 2018 Honors Theses
Irony & Viewpoint in Flannery O’Connor Justin Knight 2018 Honors Theses
Effect of Speaker on the Nonword Repetition Task in Monolingual and Bilingual Children and Adults Claudia C. Valdivia 2018 Honors Theses
Caribbean Northern Arawak Person Marking and Alignment: a Comparative and Diachronic Analysis Tammy Elizabeth Stark 2018 Dissertation
Speech Stereotypes of Female Sexuality Auburn L. Barron-Lutzross 2018 Dissertation
The Semantics of Kʷak̓ʷala Object Case Katherine Sardinha 2017 Dissertation
Wailaki Grammar Kayla Rae Begay 2017 Dissertation
Phonetic Attention and Predictability: How Context Shapes Exemplars and Guides Sound Change Jonathan T. Manker 2017 Dissertation
Prosodic Prominence in Karuk Clare S. Sandy 2017 Dissertation
Distributing morphologically conditioned phonology: Three case studies from Guébie Hannah L. Sande 2017 Dissertation
Articulation and Altered Auditory Feedback Sarah G. Bakst 2017 Dissertation
The Origin and Spread of Locative Determiner Omission in the Balkan Linguistic Area Eric H. Prendergast 2017 Dissertation
Causes and Consequences of Convergence Jevon S. Heath 2017 Dissertation
Phonetic Accommodation to Non - Native English Speech Qiu Ting Liu 2017 Honors Theses
Directionals and Aspect in Matsigenka Michael Dohn 2017 Honors Theses
Salience and the formal link: Experimental evidence for a unified NP-deletion theory of English pronouns Joshua Martin 2017 Honors Theses
Sound symbolism, speech identity, and size Andrew Shibata 2017 Honors Theses
The interaction of syntax and metaphor in gesture: A corpus-experimental approach Elise Stickles 2016 Dissertation
Subphonemic Teamwork: A Typology and Theory of Cumulative Coarticulatory Effects in Phonology Florian A. J. Lionnet 2016 Dissertation
Scottish Gaelic Clefts: Syntax, Semantics and Pragmatics Christine M. Sheil 2016 Dissertation
The Effects of Singing on Speech in Geriatric Voice: An Acoustic Study Libby Perfitt 2016 Honors Theses
Zombirovat’ : A Corpus Study of Modern Biaspectual Verbs In the Russian Language Emma Wilcox 2016 Honors Theses
Maintaining multiple viewpoints with gaze Eve Sweetser; Kashmiri Stec 2016 Recent Publication
Perceptual integration of acoustic cues to laryngeal contrasts in Korean fricatives Sarah Lee; Jonah Katz 2016 Recent Publication
Metaphor in the Grammar of Argument Realization Oana A. David 2016 Dissertation
Cyclicity and Connectivity in Nez Perce Relative Clauses Amy Rose Deal 2016 Recent Publication
The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis and probabilistic inference: Evidence from the domain of color Emily Cibelli; Yang Xu; Joseph Austerweil; Thomas Griffiths; Terry Regier 2016 Recent Publication
Categorical perception beyond the basic level: The case of warm and cool colors. Kevin Holmes; Terry Regier 2016 Recent Publication
Morphologically-conditioned tonotactics in multilevel Maximum Entropy grammar. Stephanie Shih; Sharon Inkelas 2016 Recent Publication
Affix ordering in Optimal Construction Morphology Sharon Inkelas 2016 Recent Publication
New World Mennonite Low German: An Investigating of Changes in Progress Roslyn C. Burns 2016 Dissertation
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High-Resolution, Non-Invasive Imaging of Upper Vocal Tract Articulators Compatible with Human Brain Recordings Kristofer E. Bouchard; David F. Conant; Gopala K. Anumanchipalli; Benjamin Dichter; Kris S. Chaisanguanthum; Keith Johnson; Edward F. Chang 2016 Recent Publication
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Many neighborhoods: Phonological and perceptual neighborhood density in lexical production and perception Susanne Gahl; Julia Strand 2016 Recent Publication
Plural exponence in the Nez Perce DP: a DM analysis Amy Rose Deal 2016 Recent Publication