Department Climate Resources

Fostering a healthy climate is a continuous activity. To that end, the Climate Committee organizes a variety of events in order to sustain focused attention on maintaining a department which is welcoming, inclusive, and facilitates scholarship.


Within the Linguistics Department, the following people play a key role in helping to support diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • Climate Committee (Spring 2023: Måsi SantosLine Mikkelsen, and Noah Hermalin). This committee organizes a departmental climate survey and other department-wide activities that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in teaching, research, and collegial life.
  • Faculty Equity Advisor (Amy Rose Deal). The Faculty Equity Advisor consults with the Graduate Admissions Committee to ensure equity and inclusion in the admissions and fellowships process, and serves as a resource for promoting a positive department climate by contributing to policies and practices that support equity and inclusion.
  • Linguistics Department officers: Keith Johnson (Chair), Susanne Gahl (Head Graduate Adviser), Line Mikkelsen (GSI Advisor). All department officers are available to discuss issues relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion with anyone in our community.

Climate Office Hours

The faculty members of the Climate Committee offer office hours open to anyone who would like to discuss department climate-related themes in person. Please feel welcome to contact the Climate Committee's faculty members for specific information per semester.

Annual Survey on Department Climate

Each academic year, the department sends out an anonymous survey to the department, seeking information about their satisfaction with academic life in the department, and their overall wellbeing. The results of this survey are aggregated and reported out; appropriate action is taken when themes emerge.