Title Author Yearsort ascending Publication type
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The Linguistic Expression of Affective Stance in Yaminawa (Pano, Peru) Kelsey C. Neely 2019 Dissertation
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Agreement, case, and switch-reference in Amahuaca Emily C. Clem 2019 Dissertation
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Caribbean Northern Arawak Person Marking and Alignment: a Comparative and Diachronic Analysis Tammy Elizabeth Stark 2018 Dissertation
The Semantics of Kʷak̓ʷala Object Case Katherine Sardinha 2017 Dissertation
Wailaki Grammar Kayla Rae Begay 2017 Dissertation
Distributing morphologically conditioned phonology: Three case studies from Guébie Hannah L. Sande 2017 Dissertation
Prosodic Prominence in Karuk Clare S. Sandy 2017 Dissertation
The Origin and Spread of Locative Determiner Omission in the Balkan Linguistic Area Eric H. Prendergast 2017 Dissertation
Subphonemic Teamwork: A Typology and Theory of Cumulative Coarticulatory Effects in Phonology Florian A. J. Lionnet 2016 Dissertation
New World Mennonite Low German: An Investigating of Changes in Progress Roslyn C. Burns 2016 Dissertation
Cavite Chabacano Philippine Creole Spanish: Description and Typology Marilola Perez 2015 Dissertation
Serial Verb Constructions Revisited: A Case Study from Koro Jessica Cleary-Kemp 2015 Dissertation
Establishing reference in Máíhĩ̵̀kì Stephanie Farmer 2015 Dissertation
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Language change, contact, and koineization in Pacific Coast Athabaskan Justin Spence 2013 Dissertation
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