Language Revitalization

Linguistics events this week (Oct 19-26, 2018)

October 18, 2018

In and around the linguistics department in the next week:

Syntax and Semantics Circle - Friday Oct 19 - Dwinelle 1303 - 3-4:30pm
Susan Steele: The architecture of inflection Syntax and Semantics Circle - Monday Oct 22 - Dwinelle 1229 - 11-12:30pm [note special time and place!]
Ashwini Deo (Ohio State): The emergence of split-oblique case systems: A view from the Bhili dialect continuum (Indo-Aryan) Phorum - Monday Oct 22 - Dwinelle 1303 - 12-1pm
Eleanor Glewwe (UCLA): Complexity bias and substantive bias in phonotactic learning Linguistics Department Colloquium- Monday Oct 22 - Dwinelle 370 - 3:10-5 pm
Ashwini Deo (Ohio State): Marathi tense marking: A window into the lexical encoding of tense meanings Fieldwork Forum - Thursday Oct 25 - 554 Barrows Hall - 4-5:30PM [note special location!]
Line Mikkelsen, Beth Piatote, Sean Brown, and Lou Montelongo (UC Berkeley): The Many Lives of Indigenous Languages SLUgS - Thursday Oct 25 - Dwinelle 1229 - 5-6pm
Living catalogue: brief overview of linguistics electives for Spring 2019

Biography of Julia Starrit

Claudette Rogers
Dixie Rogers
Line Mikkelsen

Language Revalorization in Peruvian Amazonia, Through the Lens of Iquito

Christine Beier
Lev Michael

This chapter describes efforts to revitalize Iquito, a highly endangered Zaparoan language of Peruvian Amazonia, and in doing so illustrates key issues that often affect language vitality, research, and revitalization work in the Amazon region more generally. We describe the principal historical and social factors that led to the highly endangered status of the language and the perceived need for revitalization work; and we discuss our involvement with the Iquito people and language, with the aim of presenting our experiences—successes as well as failures—as resources for effective...

Pɨ-naájuuyaa ikíituwaaka kuwasíini. Vamos a escribir el idioma iquito

Christine Beier
Hilter Panduro Güimack
Lev Michael
Jaime Pacaya Inuma
Ema Llona Yareja
Hermenegildo Díaz Cuyasa
Ligia Inuma Inuma
Kathryn Metz

Routledge Handbook of Language Revitalization

Leanne Hinton
Leena Huss
Gerald Roche

A comprehensive overview of the language revitalization movement, from the Arcticto the Amazon and across continents ... The handbook is divided into two parts,the first of which expands on language revitalization issues of theory and practicewhile the second covers regional perspectives in an effort to globalize anddecolonize the field. The collection examines critical issues in languagerevitalization, including: language rights, language and well-being, and languagepolicy; language in educational institutions and in the home; new methodologies andvenues for language learning; and the...