Titlesort descending Author Year Publication type
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Articulated Definiteness without Articles Peter Jenks 2018 Recent Publication
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Case and agreement in Panará Bernat Bardagil-Mas 2018 Recent Publication
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Color naming reflects both perceptual structure and communicative need Noga Zaslavsky; Charles Kemp; Naftali Tishby; Terry Regier 2018 Recent Publication
CP Complements to D Jorge Hankamer and Line Mikkelsen 2021 Recent Publication
Cyclicity and Connectivity in Nez Perce Relative Clauses Amy Rose Deal 2016 Recent Publication
Efficient compression in color naming and its evolution Noga Zaslavsky; Charles Kemp; Terry Regier; Naftali Tishby 2018 Recent Publication
Forms and Functions of Backward resumption: The case of Karuk. Charron (Sonny) Davis, Vina Smith, Nancy Super (nén Jerry), Peter Super Sr., Charlie Thom Sr., Line Mikkelsen 2020 Recent Publication
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Number and animacy in the Teke noun class system. Larry M. Hyman; Florian A. J. Lionnet; Christophère Ngolele 2019 Recent Publication
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On the lexical semantics of property concept nouns in Basaá Peter Jenks; Andrew Koontz-Garboden; Emmanuel-Moselly Makasso 2018 Recent Publication
Plural exponence in the Nez Perce DP: a DM analysis Amy Rose Deal 2016 Recent Publication
Resumption and Chain Reduction in Danish VP Left Dislocation Boris Harizanov; Line Mikkelsen 2018 Recent Publication
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Same but different Daniel Hardt; Line Mikkelsen 2015 Recent Publication
Structure, Architecture, and Blocking Jorge Hankamer; Line Mikkelsen 2018 Recent Publication
Syntactic Ergativity: Analysis and Identification Amy Rose Deal 2016 Recent Publication
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The segmental and tonal structure of verb inflection in Babanki Pius Akumbu; Larry M. Hyman; Roland Kiessling 2020 Recent Publication
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VP anaphora and verb-second order in Danish Line Mikkelsen 2015 Recent Publication