DeCal Policy

How do I teach a Linguistics DeCal?

To obtain approval to teach a DeCal through Linguistics 198 requires several steps which must be completed accurately and on time. 

Contact the UCB Student Learning Center’s  UCFTR which provides pedagogical training and resources to facilitators of the student-run Democratic Education Program(link is external)(DeCal).

The Frequently Asked Questions that are specifically associated with the Undergraduate Course Facilitator Training and Resources Program.

Department Deadline

A complete DeCal Course Proposal (signed by the faculty sponsor) must reach the Linguistics Major Advisor at  by:

  • November 1, for a DeCal offered for the Spring semester
  • May 1, for a DeCal offered for the Fall semester

Please read the information below so that you stand the best chance of putting together a fun and successful course, while also making sure that the course gets approved.

Earn Academic Credit

*Student Facilitators are responsible for contacting each semester to request course enrollment information for Linguistics 199 before the “Add” deadline.*

To receive credit for teaching for DeCal courses, student facilitators may do so through the Linguistics 199 “Independent Study” course. 

Please submit the completed (fillable) Ling 199 Independent Study form by the 3rd week of instruction. (note: The DeCal course description should be used as the "description of your research project".)