The Linguistics Enrichment Experience Program (LEEP)


What is LEEP?

A Linguistic Enrichment Experience is a course or organized activity outside the requirements for the major (core + elective courses) that enables and requires the student to apply linguistic skills and knowledge gained in the major in a novel, productive and synergistic way.  This includes research, creation of linguistic materials for specific purposes (e.g. language teaching or language revitalization), community engagement, and internships.


What Courses, Internships or Activities Qualify as LEEP?

  • Ling 199 (Supervised Independent Study)
  • Ling 199 (Senior Paper)
  • Ling 198 (Directed Group Study)
  • Ling 197 (LRAP) The Linguistics Research Apprentice Practicum
  • URAP (Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program)
  • Off Campus Linguistics Related Internships (subject to approval by Undergraduate Advisors)
  • Other (subject to approval by Undergraduate Advisors)


How Do We Record and Acknowledge Participation of LEEP?

  • LEEP courses and activities will be recognized by the department in the form of an individualized certificate.
  • The certificate will be distributed upon graduation by the department.