Linguistics Course Syllabi Archive


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(Electives and Binned Courses)                                


(Electives and Binned Courses) (cont'd)

LING 1A American Sign Language (ASL) (5 units)
LING 1B American Sign Language (ASL) (5 units)
LING R1B Endangered Languages (R & C) (4 units)
LING 3  Linguistic Diversity (3 units)
LING 5  Language and Linguistics (4 units)
LING 10 Sounds of English (3 units)
LING 16 The English Vocabulary (3 units)
LING 24 Language Myths(1 unit)
LING 40 Language of Advertising (3 units)
LING 47 Language and Communication Disorders (3 units)
LING 55AC The American Languages (3 units)
LING C70/NAS C70 Working with Grammar (3 units)
LING 100 Introduction to Linguistic Science (4 units) (Prerequisite to declare the major)
LING 106 Metaphor (4 units)
LING 108 Intro to Psycholinguistics (3 units)
LING 109 Bilingualism (3 units)
LING 110 Phonetics (4 units)
LING 111 Phonology (4 units)
LING 113 Experimental Phonetics (3 units)
LING 115 Morphology (4 units)
LING 115 Phonology and Morphology (formerly)
LING 120 Syntax (4 units)
LING 121 Formal Semantics (4 units)
LING 122 Language Typology and Linguistic Universals (3 units)
LING 123 Pragmatics (3 units)
LING 125 Gesture, Cognition and Culture (3 units)
LING 128 Linguistic Analysis of Literature (3 units)
LING 130 Comparative and Historical Linguistics (4 units)
LING 140 Introduction to Field Methods (3 units)
LING 148 Phonological Development (3 units)
LING 150 Sociolinguistics (3 units)
LING 150A Concepts, Theories and Methodologies of Sociolinguistics (4 units)
LING 150E Topics in Language and Society (3 units)
LING 151 Language and Gender (3 units)
LING 154 Language Revitalization (3 units)
LING 155AC Language in the United States: A Capsule History (4 units)
LING 170 History, Structure, and Sociolinguistics of a Particular Language- IQUITO (3 units)
LING 170 History, Structure, and Sociolinguistics of a Particular Language- KARUK (3 units)
LING 170 History, Structure, and Sociolinguistics of a Particular Language- PLAINS CREE (3 units)
LING 175 American Indian Languages (3 units)
LING 181 Lexical Semantics (3 units)
LING 183 The Linguistics of Game of Thrones and the Art of Language Invention (3 units)
LING 187 Writing as Framing (3 units)
LING 188 Linguistic Data (3 units)
LING C105/CogSci C101 The Mind and Language (4 units)
LING C137/Slav C137 Introduction to Slavic Linguistics (3 units)
LING C142/CogSci C142 Language and Thought (3 units)
LING C146/PSYCH C143 Language Acquisition (Language Development) (3 units)
LING C160/CogSci C140 Quantitative Methods in Linguistics (4 units)