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September 7, 2018

The annual meeting of Sinn und Bedeutung, taking place this week in Barcelona, features five presentations by Berkeley students, faculty, and very recent alumni:

  • Emily Clem: Attributive adjectives in Tswefap: Vague predicates in a language with degrees
  • Virginia Dawson and Amy Rose Deal: Third readings by semantic scope lowering: prolepsis in Tiwa
  • Amy Rose Deal and Vera Hohaus: Vague predicates, crisp judgments
  • Ruyue Agnes Bi (BA '18) and Peter Jenks : Pronouns, radical pro-drop, and ellipsis in Mandarin
  • Rachel Rudolph (Berkeley philosophy): A Closer Look at the Perceptual Source in Copy Raising Constructions

Terry Regier and visiting graduate student Noga Zaslavsky (together with their colleagues) have two new papers out this summer:

The paper Color naming reflects both perceptual structure and communicative need received the conference prize for best paper on computational modeling of language. Congrats, Noga and Terry! 

Keith Johnson and alumna Sarah Bakst (PhD '17) have a new open access paper out this July (published with financial assistance from the University Library for open access publishing): 

This Tuesday's edition of the Daily Cal newspaper contains a letter to the editor by Sharon Inkelas:

September 6, 2018

Alumnus Len Talmy (PhD '72) writes to share news of his book The Targeting System of Language, published earlier this year by MIT Press. 

August 31, 2018

A hearty congratulations to our emeritus colleague William S-Y. Wang, who was recently one of five world-class scholars to be awarded honorary degrees from the University of Chicago. Described as "a pioneer in the study of language evolution and the emergence of new languages", Wang was awarded the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Humane Letters. 

A new book on The Language of Hunter-Gatherers, edited by Rich Rhodes together with Tom Güldemann (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin) and Patrick McConvell (Australian National University), can now be pre-ordered from Cambridge University Press. Congrats, Rich!

Berkeley Papers in Formal Linguistics is a new online working papers series edited by Line Mikkelsen and Amy Rose Deal. Since launching in June, BPFL has published 7 papers by faculty and students (both graduate and undergraduate), representing work in formal linguistics across a number of subdisciplines. We welcome submissions of new research or work in progress in any area of formal linguistics; please contact the editors for submission details!

Congrats to Jonathan Manker (PhD 2017), who has recently taken up a lecturer position at Rice University!

Congrats to newly minted PhD Matt Faytak, who has recently started a post-doc position at UCLA!

Continuing the news of the summer: Congrats to third-year grad student Myriam Lapierre on winning the Best Student Paper Award for Poster Presentations at this summer's meeting of LabPhon! Myriam's award-winning poster is entited 'Patterns of nasal coarticulation in Panará' and is joint work with Susan Lin. Facebook users can find a photo of Myriam demonstrating a vowel from the poster in question on the Friends of Berkeley Linguistics facebook group. 

August 24, 2018

The June issue of Language and Speech contains a new paper by third-year graduate student Yevgeniy Melguy:

 Exploring the Bilingual Phonological Space: Early Bilinguals’ Discrimination of Coronal Stop Contrasts

 Congrats, Yevgeniy!

This year's meeting of the World Conference of African Linguistics (WOCAL) starts tomorrow in Rabat, Morocco, and features talks by two Berkeley graduate students:

Tessa Scott: "Obligatory Resumption in Swahili" 
Karee Garvin: "Direct Object Placement in Nafaanra Word Order"

Congrats, Tessa and Karee!

Congrats to alumna Molly Babel (PhD 2009, Associate Professor at UBC) on the August 15 birth of her daughter Zelda Esther! Molly writes: "Zelda kept us in a bit of suspense, joining us in the world 13 days late. She measures in at 3420 grams / 7.5 pounds, 49 cm / 19.25 inches, and 100 metric / 100 imperial units of adorable. She's pretty swell!"

We're pleased to announce that Jesse Zymet has joined the department as Lecturer in Linguistics, teaching courses in phonology. And we eagerly await the July 2019 arrival of new Assistant Professor Isaac Bleaman, who will be teaching sociolinguistics and computational methods. Welcome, Jesse and Isaac!

Congrats  to three faculty colleagues on their recent journal publications: 

March 10, 2017

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