Title Author Year Publication type
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Mobile object markers in Moro: The role of tone Peter Jenks; Sharon Rose 2015 Recent Publication
Contrastive and non-contrastive pre-stopping in Kaytetye Mark Harvey; Susan Lin; Ben Davies; Katherine Demuth 2015 Recent Publication
A Bayesian Phylogenetic Classification of Tupí-Guaraní Lev Michael; Natalia Chousou-Polydouri; Keith Bartolomei; Erin Donnelly; Vivian Wauters; Sérgio Meira; Zachary O'Hagan 2015 Recent Publication
Basic Yurok Andrew Garrett 2014 Recent Publication
In-situ and ex-situ wh-question constructions in Moro Sharon Rose; Farrell Ackerman; George Gibbard; Peter Jenks; Laura Kertz; Hannah Rohde 2014 Recent Publication