Title Author Year Publication type
Orthographic Effects on Vowel Contrast in Language Acquisition Julian Vargo 2024 Honors Theses
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Comparative Analysis of Tone-Melody Interactions in Cantonese Opera, Late 20th-Century Cantopop, and Contemporary Cantopop 2024 Honors Theses
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Studies in Crow Linguistics: Documentation, Grammar, and History Edwin Ko 2023 Dissertation
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Different number, different gender: Comparing Romanian and Guébie Hannah Sande; Ruth Kramer 2023 Recent Publication
From āṭutan̠ to khalbə: Examining the heart of liquid adaptation in Malayalam’s English and Arabic loans Aishwarya Jayadeep 2023 Honors Theses
Kinship Terminologies and Their Communicative Need in English and Hindi Gunjan Anand 2023 Honors Theses
Language: A multidimensional Tool in Higher Education between Achievement and Oppression Cecilia Elena Bachmann 2023 Honors Theses
(Post)Syntactic Variation in Early Modern Welsh Poetry: An Optimality Theoretic Approach Calvin Quick 2023 Honors Theses
The Vaccine Holocaust: The Rhetorical Use of Metaphor in Anti-vax Discourse Bryce N. Wallace 2023 Honors Theses
Morphosyntactic Changes in the Polynesian Thematic Suffixes Cor Zanda 2023 Honors Theses
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Overexponence and Underexponence in Morphology Sharon Inkelas 2018 Recent Publication
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Ergativity Amy Rose Deal 2015 Recent Publication
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